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Book Air & Mac
Book Pro models & their compatible wall chargers to lớn What to look forward to.

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There was once a time when buying a new laptop charger was difficult & expensive, but computers with USB-C charging have made replacements easier lớn get and more affordable than ever. The best choice for almost any modern tablet or máy tính is Nekteck’s 60W USB-C Ga
N Charger. This adapter is just as powerful và reliable as a replacement from your laptop’s manufacturer, và it’s smaller than almost any other we’ve seen. It’s safety-tested and certified, and it comes with its own USB-C charging cable, making it a particularly great value at its very low price.


Nekteck 60W Ga
N Charger With USB-C khổng lồ USB-C Cable

Best replacement USB-C máy tính xách tay or tablet charger

This compact charger can power almost any USB-C–powered máy tính xách tay 13 inches or smaller at vị trí cao nhất speed and works great for lower-powered devices, too. Despite its affordable price, it even includes a cable.

Whether you need khổng lồ replace your original charger or just want khổng lồ have an extra at home or the office, you should get the Nekteck 60W USB-C Ga
N Charger. It will charge almost any USB-C máy tính xách tay at full speed, và it will fast-charge lower-powered laptops, tablets, & most modern smartphones, as well. The Nekteck is also smaller than just about any other 60- or 65-watt charger we’ve found và comes with a detachable cable, which is something that usually costs $10 khổng lồ $20 on its own. This charger, like most of Nekteck’s products, is USB Implementers diễn đàn (USB-IF) certified, which means an independent third các buổi party has tested it & ensured it meets performance and safety specifications. This certification is the biggest difference between the Nekteck & the ZMI z
Power Turbo 65W, our runner-up pick. If the Nekteck’s price rises above $30, though, we recommend you consider the non-certified ZMI model.

Port 1: 60 W USB-CDimensions: 1.97 by 1.97 by 1.2 inchesUSB-C cable: 6.5 feet, detachable


Power Turbo 65W USB-C PD Wall Charger

The next-best option for most laptops & tablets

This charger is about the same kích cỡ as the Nekteck 60W và charges just as quickly, but it’s not independently certified for safety & performance.

Buying Options
Buy from Amazon

*At the time of publishing, the price was $20.

Nekteck’s 60W USB-C Ga
N Charger is the best charger we’ve tested, but if it’s out of stock or if the price jumps to lớn over $30, we recommend grabbing ZMI’s z
Power Turbo 65W USB-C PD Wall Charger instead. Its 65 watts is plenty of nguồn for most laptops & any tablet, and lượt thích the Nekteck charger, the ZMI comes with a sturdy cable. The main reason it’s not our top pick is that the ZMI charger isn’t USB-IF certified. While that’s not a dealbreaker altogether, we think it’s worth a few more dollars lớn get the Nekteck charger.

Port 1: 65W USB-CDimensions: 1.97 by 1.97 by 1.1 inchesUSB-C cable: 4.9 feet, detachable


Power 33W USB-C Wall Charger

An ultraportable charger for Mac
Book Air and some Chromebooks

Though capable of powering small laptops, this charger still fits in the palm of your hand. But it costs a bit more than our đứng top picks.

Buying Options
$10* from Amazon

*At the time of publishing, the price was $20.

We think you should choose one of our vị trí cao nhất picks (even if you have a tablet or a computer lượt thích the Mac
Book Air that requires less power) because they’re an incredible value, they’re quite small, & they provide more flexibility if you choose khổng lồ upgrade to lớn a more power-hungry machine in the future. But if size is your most important consideration và your devices only need 30 watts, ZMI’s z
Power 33W USB-C Wall Charger is the charger khổng lồ get. Its volume is less than half that of the Nekteck 60w & ZMI 65W picks, & its compact design won’t block any outlets when you plug it in.

Port 1: 33 W USB-CDimensions: 1.2 by 1.2 by 1.34 inchesUSB-C cable: not included


Nekteck 100W PD 3.0 Ga
N Wall Charger

Best for high-powered Mac
Book Pros

This mã sản phẩm has all the power nguồn of the charger that comes with your 15- or 16-inch Mac
Book Pro but is smaller & costs half as much. The included cable is removable & replaceable, in case it gets damaged.

Buying Options
$40* from Amazon

*At the time of publishing, the price was $33.

Almost all computers that charge via USB-C have a maximum charge tốc độ of 60 watts—but the 15-inch Mac
Book Pro can charge at up to lớn 87 watts, & the 2019 16-inch and 2021 14-inch model maxes out at 96 watts, making them the most noteworthy exceptions. For these laptops, the best option is Nekteck’s 100W PD 3.0 Ga
N Wall Charger. This 100-watt charger, which is notably smaller than Apple’s own charger, comes with a detachable USB-C charge cable & costs less than half the price of what a full replacement phối would cost from Apple. Lượt thích our 60-watt pick, it’s independently tested và certified for safety.

Port 1: 100 W USB-CDimensions: 2.7 by 2.7 by 1.2 inchesUSB-C cable: 6.5 feet, detachable


Amazon Basics 100W Four-Port Ga
N Wall Charger

Best for charging multiple devices

This charger stands out because it fits two USB-C and two USB-A ports in a travel-size package. It’s ideal for anyone who has a combination of laptops, tablets, phones, or anything else that charges via USB.

Buying Options
$44* from Amazon

*At the time of publishing, the price was $52.

The Amazon Basics 100W Four-Port Ga
N Wall Charger matches the tốc độ of our 14-, 15- & 2019 16-inch Mac
Book Pro charger pick và has a second USB-C port plus two USB-A ports in a body toàn thân that’s about the same size. This charger has a combined total đầu ra of 100 watts, which means you can use the USB-C ports (one of which delivers up to lớn 100 W, và the other 18 W) to lớn charge a single 14- or 15-, or 16-inch laptop, or a Mac
Book Air at full tốc độ alongside an i
Phone at just shy of its đôi mươi W max. Having these two powerful ports in such a small package makes the Amazon Basics a great value for anyone who wants a single, travel-size charger for a laptop and a phone or other device. The USB-A ports charge at 12 watts, which is good enough for a reasonably quick charge with most modern smartphones when the USB-C ports are occupied.

Port 1: 100 W USB-CPort 2: 18 W USB-CPort 3: 12 W USB-APort 4: 12 W USB-ADimensions: 3.2 by 3.2 by 1.2 inchesUSB-C cable: not included

Nekteck 5-Port 111W USB Wall Charger

The most powerful charging station

If you have a máy tính xách tay and multiple devices khổng lồ charge at your desk, this pick offers more power and more ports than any other option—it’s just too big and heavy for most people khổng lồ keep in a laptop bag or carry-on.

Buying Options
Buy from Amazon

*At the time of publishing, the price was $40.

Nekteck’s 5-Port 111W USB Wall Charger is a powerhouse if you’re dealing with multiple devices. It not only provides up khổng lồ 87-watt charging from its USB-C port—suitable even for power-hungry laptops like the 14-, 15-, or 2019 16-inch Mac
Book Pro—but it also has four USB-A ports for all your other devices and accessories lượt thích your phone, headphones, or a power bank. It comes with a USB-C charging cable, which makes it an even better value. But the weight & large size make it best suited for a permanent position on your desk.

Port 1: 87 W USB-CPort 2: 12 W USB-APort 3: 12 W USB-APort 4: 12 W USB-APort 5: 12 W USB-ADimensions: 6.3 by 3 by 1.1 inchesUSB-C cable: 3 feet, detachable

Nekteck 60W Ga
N Charger With USB-C lớn USB-C Cable

Best replacement USB-C laptop or tablet charger

This compact charger can power almost any USB-C–powered máy tính 13 inches or smaller at top speed & works great for lower-powered devices, too. Despite its affordable price, it even includes a cable.

The arrival of USB-C và USB-C máy vi tính chargers has been a game-changer for many electronics. You can use the connection khổng lồ charge devices và transfer media, và it’s conveniently reversible. The best laptops no longer need a big power brick — you can just use USB-C. But there are some precautions you should take when charging over USB-C. Here’s everything you need khổng lồ know.


You have probably already used USB connections to charge smaller devices either from your computer or from an outlet. That works well because past USB connections had enough wattage to lớn successfully power nguồn up those smaller batteries. Prior versions of USB could only handle a limited amount of power, which is why laptop chargers have typically retained their larger, bulkier cables.

USB-C changed that. This type of connection now provides enough power lớn juice up most laptops (particularly the Type-C 3.0 version). That’s why máy tính xách tay charging is a new topic of conversation for USB connections, especially now that more laptops are entering the market with USB-C charging compatibility.

So, how vì chưng you know if your current laptop has a USB-C port that also works with charging? You could always look it up, but the easiest way is to lớn examine your charger. You can identify a Type-C charger by its unique features. USB-C’s connector is small and rounded, significantly different from the old USB version. It also works no matter which way you connect it to lớn the right port, so there’s no need to lớn flip it the right way around. If your charger uses this connection & plugs into your USB-C port, you have a winner!

USB-C chargers are turning up on many different devices, so it’s not strictly relegated khổng lồ laptops. Newer phones use USB-C charging, oto chargers may come with USB-C ports, and portable chargers (discussed more below) can have USB-C options. But laptops tend khổng lồ have USB-C more frequently than other devices, at least for now.

Will any port work with any charger?


USB-C is a universal charging standard. That means that, technically, it doesn’t matter what USB-C charger you use — it should be able to power up a laptop with a USB-C charging port & power bank. In the real world, this is taking a while khổng lồ come true. Today the majority of máy tính USB-C chargers are interchangeable, but it’s not guaranteed.

Some laptops come with USB-C ports that don’t charge. This is most common on laptops that come with their own proprietary charger — although a number of laptops can be charged either way, only the propriety charger tends to lớn power up a máy tính more quickly. The Samsung Notebook 9 is an example of that, as is the 2019 HP Envy 13. If you’re not sure exactly how lớn charge your laptop, check the manufacturer’s website, or look up a đánh giá of the system here at Digital Trends.

Laptops that rely entirely on USB-C, meanwhile, might not charge with just any charger. PCWorld, in its testing, found that HP’s Spectre x2 wouldn’t charge with any USB-C charger besides its own. HP said that that was intentional because a bad charger could damage the device or cause it to lớn malfunction. Other devices, like the táo bị cắn dở Mac
Book Pro, don’t have such tight restrictions — a new USB-C authentication system could help with this issue in the near future.

While we haven’t personally heard of any damage from using a USB-C charger other than the one that came with your laptop, there’s always a slim risk when plugging a máy tính into an unknown power source. Faulty cables can also be a problem. Microsoft acknowledges this by saying that you can charge a Surface with a USB-C port, but it’s highly recommended that you use the Surface charger that came with the máy tính xách tay because a USB-C charger would end up being very slow due khổng lồ how power is metered within the device. In short, it’s a good idea to buy cables và chargers from reputable sources và think twice about using that cable you found laying on the ground in a conference room.

You can buy additional USB-C cables for your own security.

Your settings are important

You will also want lớn watch your USB-C power mode, which you can find in your máy tính xách tay settings, usually in the power/battery section. Here, you may find that you can switch Type-C’s output, choosing whether to receive power nguồn or send power. If your USB-C máy tính xách tay charger isn’t working when by all rights it should be, check your settings khổng lồ make sure it is set to lớn receive power.

Complex charging arrangements


Because USB-C is universal & can bởi vì multiple things at once, this allows for some unique charging circumstances. Two worth noting are:

Pass-through: Today’s charging hubs also offer something called pass-through charging. This refers lớn a hub that can connect multiple USB peripherals to lớn a máy tính xách tay while also charging that laptop’s battery. Basically, it’s a combination between a hub và a USB-C charging cable, so you don’t need two different USB-C ports for each task. Hoo
Too’s popular 6-in-1 USB-C Hub is a good example of this technology. There are other innovative options, too, like sending đoạn phim to an external monitor while also making sure your laptop is charged during a presentation.

Portable chargers: Maybe you have a portable charger with an old USB connection but a phone that only has a USB-C connection (which is not compatible with older USB ports). You can liên kết the charger lớn a máy vi tính that has both types of ports, and use it to lớn power up your phone in a roundabout way. Do not try to use your máy tính Type C charger khổng lồ charge your phone directly. The voltage requirements are too different for most devices currently available, & multi-device chargers are still a nascent part of the market.


USB-C describes the physical standard for creating USB cables (as did USB-A, etc.), while standards followed by numbers rather than letters describe the data capabilities of the connection. The latest standard here is USB4, which dictates many of the current capabilities of the newest USB-C devices. That includes a minimum charging nguồn of 7.5W, up khổng lồ 100W, tư vấn for a wide variety of displays with no minimum requirements, 20Gbps data speeds, và more. This is a notable improvement over USB3, which had much lower minimum charging power and data speeds.

USB-C và Thunderbolt


There’s a variant of USB-C that’s a lot more powerful — Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4 technologies are typically indicated by a small lightning bolt logo by the port or on the cable. Thunderbolt uses additional giải pháp công nghệ to amplify the capabilities of USB-C in a number of ways.

Thunderbolt ba phần tư are twice as fast as the latest USB standards at 40Gbps. Thunderbolt 3 can also support multiple 4K displays at 60 frames per second (fps), “chain” up to lớn six devices together, & offer other useful additions for gamers, teachers, and many others. Thunderbolt 4 increases the number of supported external displays, the cable length at which Thunderbolt can maintain its speeds, and uses DMA (Direct Memory Access) security protection, among other useful upgrades. When it comes to lớn charging, Thunderbolt offers at least 15W & up khổng lồ 100W of charging power, a higher threshold than USB4.

So, why isn’t every USB-C port a Thunderbolt port, too? Well, it’s not always practical. Not everyone needs Thunderbolt technology, và not all devices support it. The hardware involved costs more và can raise the prices on devices, which manufacturers may want to avoid. But if you want the top USB-C performance, it’s certainly a standard worth looking for.

For táo users

Nomad Lightning cable

Apple users should know that they aren’t immune to lớn the USB-C transition we’re seeing. Currently, hãng apple uses Lightning cables for i
OS charging, a proprietary design that silos off of all táo apple mobile charging accessories. The company has already switched to USB-C charging for Mac
Books, & today’s i
Pad Pros also use USB-C charging. I
Phones & i
Pads are currently chất lượng in their Lightning cable reliance.

Apple is going to have to reimagine its current Lightning cable situation khổng lồ fulfill the EU’s latest requirement that phones use universal USB-C charging, which must be in place by the over of 2024. Táo khuyết is not going khổng lồ give up the European market, & it’s more than likely that the i
Phone 15 will, in turn, switch entirely away from Lightning cables & to a USB-C connection. Whether that will affect Apple’s charging capabilities remains to be seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all USB-C ports allow charging?

Although USB-C is increasingly becoming more commonplace as the go-to standard for charging, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all USB-C ports allow charging.

There are certain laptops — generally the systems that sport their own charger — that feature USB-C ports which don’t offer charging capabilities.

Can I charge my máy tính xách tay via USB-C?

Generally speaking, if your máy tính xách tay comes with a USB-C charging feature, then you should have no problem with charging your system via USB-C. That said, some thiết bị di động systems (notebooks & laptops) require you khổng lồ use a specific cable that is exclusively made to be compatible with that system.

Is USB-C charging better?

USB-C charging is better than any other alternative charging platform. Due to lớn the advanced technical capabilities of the standard, using USB-C charging for your system means it will generally charge it faster than, say, a regular power cable.

For example, a USB Type-C cable that offers up to 240 watts of power was revealed last year, which is unheard of for USB-C. It just goes to lớn show the possibilities that USB-C brings with it.

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Can USB-C let you charge your laptop without a charger?

Yes, & no. Providing your notebook or máy vi tính comes with a USB-C port that was specifically designed to supply charging support, then you can charge it without a regular charger. However, as we mentioned above, not all laptops offer USB-C ports that you can utilize in order lớn charge your device.