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HP is already releasing the third generation of its professional convertible notebooks onto the market with the Elitebook 2740p. Apart from the update to internal components with current bộ vi xử lý core i5 CPUs, a considerable effort to lớn completely remove all its previous weaknesses has also been made. How well this has been accomplished has been tested by us.

The chip core component of a convertible notebook is its swivel display, which allows it khổng lồ be used as a conventional notebook as well as a tablet PC. The main advantage of this type of construction is that it is possible khổng lồ make use of the large number and type of interfaces contained on notebooks, while at the same time also being able lớn take advantage of the application and handling advantages of pure tablet PCs. HP has consistently developed the series starting from the HP 2710p to the HP Elitebook 2730p, right up to lớn the tested Elitebook 2740p, và has above all made improvements lớn many details that are not immediately obvious to the user.

The primary components on our tested model are an Intel vi xử lý core i5-540M CPU, intel HD graphics, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, UMTS, and Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. The prices currently start at about 1550 Euros for our tested model, & can significantly exceed 2000 Euros. The main differences in the configuration are due khổng lồ the optional mass storage device (hard drive or SSD), the amount of RAM, and the selection of an integrated UMTS module.


Signs of use are not very noticeable
The manufacturing unique is very good

As ever the HP Elitebook 2740p also has a very solid well manufactured & altogether high unique case, just lượt thích its predecessor. The working area, display frame, and display lid are all covered with an aluminum surface which is slightly textured, something that has a positive impact both haptically and optically. Imprecise gaps, bendable surfaces, or loose panels? Definitely not the case! Even the display lid doesn"t allow any bending, although in return it is also a bit thicker than usual.

The grippy black surfaces on the bottom part of the chassis have been kept although it is also primarily composed of aluminum, & provides a large panel behind which the usual components are located, as well as the required slot for the battery. The battery not only has lớn be removed lớn replace the battery, but also khổng lồ gain access to lớn the SIM thẻ shaft beneath it.

Although the battery is located towards the front of the notebook, the weight distribution is only just well enough balanced lớn allow opening the display with one hand. The display is attached to the base of the notebook by a central swivel hinge, & can be turned around towards the back clockwise. While the HP2710p, which our editorial team has been using for a long time, did not allow for a lot of leeway with setting the display position, the tested mã sản phẩm showed significantly more versatility in this respect. This could be a characteristic of the tested sample, since there haven"t been any obvious changes khổng lồ the hinge construction. In our case at least the display doesn"t hold in place very well when rested on a moving surface, và shifted depending on the intensity of the movement.

When the lid is closed the display lid is held by a central locking mechanism. Between the display and the palm resting area there is still always a small gap of 1-2 mm, through which small items can get in between the two và potentially cause damage to the surfaces. This was also already the case with the predecessor, and is a problem with the construction of the case.

Immediately obvious differences between the Elitebook 2740p và the original HP 2710p are the somewhat partially newly arranged interface locations, the improved pen attachment, the newly available touchpad, the new arrangement of the keys (adapted khổng lồ newer models), và the new clearly improved keyboard illumination in the display frame which no longer easily drops out.




The available interfaces haven"t changed much. E
SATA, USB 3.0, or a digital monitor đầu ra are still not included. 3x USB 2.0, Firewire 400 (4-pole), analog đồ họa output, card reader, modem, LAN, finger print reader, và a docking port cover the minimum requirements for professional use. Missing interfaces can at least be added via the Express
Card 34 slot, which does however block the thẻ reader & makes this unusable.

On the opposite side a rare smart card reader can be found, with which it is possible khổng lồ implement security features. Disappointing is still, as with predecessor models và also the HP 8740w và HP 8740p, the slow data transfer rates from the Ricoh card reader, which offers a mere 1.7 MB/s when reading. Usual values lie at around trăng tròn MB/s. Also the USB port is mediocre at the best of times, & offers an unusual 25.2 MB/s. Somewhat faster is the Firewire interface, which operates in the region of 33.4 MB/s, but also doesn"t keep up with modern interfaces such as e
SATA or USB 3.0.

Not understandable is however above all the low resolution of the card vga output with 1280x1024 pixels, that only has limited potential for feeding external displays. A notebook in this price range could easily be fitted with a digital display output, especially since most devices in the lower positioned HP Probook series even have one.

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PC makers taking a swing at the tablet market tend to go for low-power, lightweight systems to compete with the i
Pad, but that means they’re giving you a netbook experience at rather more than a netbook price. With the Elite
Book 2740p, HP has gone in the other direction; with a vi xử lý core i5 or i7, 4GB of RAM và a 120GB SSD this is a nicely powerful notebook crammed with handy features - which just happen khổng lồ include a multitouch screen that you can rotate lớn turn it into a tablet, plus a Wacom pen for smooth inking.

Our quick take

The Elite
Book models are HP"s attempt khổng lồ combine business features with both style và sturdiness. The 2740p takes the great pen experience of previous Elite
Book tablets và adds the performance of a full-voltage chip core i5 processor, plus the convenience (and sheer fun) of touch. There are a lot of nice-to-have touches lượt thích the card scanner & keyboard light, but you wouldn"t buy the 2740p lớn get them and you"re certainly paying for everything you get. Budget for the extended battery (or a second standard battery) or you"ll be disappointed. But if you need a tablet PC that gives you the đầu vào options of tablet và the power of a real PC that you can use as your main system, and that combination is worth this kind of money khổng lồ you, the Elite
Book 2740p very nearly has it all.


Powerful tablet PC great pen đầu vào great touch đầu vào a great keyboard excellent screen delightful touches lượt thích the keyboard light

Weight less-than-stellar battery life the price

The third generation of HP"s professional tablet PC, the 2740p still barely qualifies as an ultraportable - weighing in at 1.7kg. Although it looks remarkably similar to previous models 2710p & 2730p, it"s thicker and heavier. It"s not a rugged system as such, but the magnesium chassis and matte aluminium case are sturdy enough to lớn stand up to the rigours of travel (unlike previous Elite
Book models, where the latch could be fragile & the surface sometimes wore away in use). The projecting hinge is chunky, which gives you something to lớn grip when using it as a tablet & strong enough to stand up to lớn you rotating from tablet to notebook & back repeatedly. & the weight is well balanced in tablet PC mode so it doesn"t tip out of your hands. The clever magnetic catch - which appears automatically as you close the lid - is backed up by a sturdy sliding latch to lớn keep it in place. HP says the lid can stand up khổng lồ 300 pounds of pressure & if you get the hard drive rather than SSD model it has shock protection & an accelerometer that parks the drive heads if you drop the laptop; this is common on business notebooks but just starting khổng lồ show up in consumer models.


While the full-speed chip core i5, 4GB of memory and a fast SSD mean you may not need to vị any upgrades, the large panel on the base means you can easily get at the 3G slot as well as all the system components (and we appreciate thoughtful thiết kế touches lượt thích clips that hold the screws to the panel so they"re in place when you"re ready to lớn replace it). Even if you don"t order the 3G module, the antennae are built in và connected lớn an extra pop-out antenna on the top of the screen to lớn boost reception. That means adding 3G when you want to lớn pay for it isn"t difficult.

The 12.1-inch 1280 x 800 touchscreen has a matte finish and a really wide viewing angle; that"s even more important when you"re using it as a tablet because you want to lớn be writing at the angle that suits your wrists, not moving it around lớn avoid glare. Some touchscreens look dark or grainy; even with both pen và finger touch built in, the screen on the 2740p is clear and bright, with good contrast và even colours. The pen is the same smooth & fluid Wacom system HP has been using for several years & drawing & writing feel remarkably lượt thích writing on extra-smooth paper with an ink-ball pen; Windows 7 has built-in handwriting recognition so you can use the input đầu vào panel khổng lồ write in any app, or scribble down ink notes in Windows Journal. The pen is also ideal for detailed drawing in a tool lượt thích Art Rage. As with handwriting, you can rest your hand on the screen while you"re drawing without the 2740p ever mistaking it for a pen; the finger touch doesn"t work whenever the pen is in range of the screen - a major advantage over simple capacitive screens, even if they come with a stylus.

With the pen tucked away in the well at the side of the keyboard, the two-point multitouch screen is also responsive và accurate to use. It quickly becomes natural lớn touch buttons và scroll windows with your finger when you"re using the keyboard, as well as using either the small touchpad or the trackpoint for accuracy (both have two mouse buttons so you can find a comfortable way lớn click however you place your hands). Và in tablet mode, you don"t need lớn pull out the pen until you want to write or draw something detailed. It"s an excellent combination.


HP doesn"t include any touch-specific apps or interfaces (apart from the Microsoft cảm ứng Pack with games và the multitouch globe) but Windows 7 is designed for touch; icons lượt thích those in the taskbar automatically have a bigger touch area when you"re using your fingers (even though the icon image doesn"t change). Although small icons in apps aren"t always sized for fingers, the 2740p does a good job of detecting touch and giving you the command you wanted. You could certainly cảm ứng type on the onscreen keyboard, but with a real keyboard just a swivel away you won"t need to for more than the odd URL in tablet mode.

The screen rotates automatically when you flip the screen into tablet or notebook mode, but there"s also a button on the side of the screen lớn rotate manually, plus a scrollwheel and rocker switch (more useful on models without the touch input đầu vào but handy if you"re finding it hard to lớn click a small button on screen).

The only disadvantage of the combination screen is if you want khổng lồ carry the 2740p in tablet mode when it"s turned on (if you"re walking around and taking notes, say), it"s too easy to lớn brush the screen with your shoulder or side & find you"ve opened an application if the pen slips away from the screen (or you put it away for safety).

The keyboard runs almost khổng lồ the edge of the case, giving you decent-sized keys for a 12-inch format, with a large, smooth wrist rest. The keys are sturdy & solid with good travel và a positive click. Each key has a lowered bezel that keeps you from hitting the key next lớn it as you type and lets you feel if you’re not hitting the keys centrally. & although there are clear gaps between the keys (which can trap dirt and fluff), the keyboard is “spill resistant” so a few drops of water won"t short the machine out the way it would with older models.


The speakers can"t compete with what HP is putting in other entertainment laptops; these are standard stereo speakers with little mid-range or bass, although the volume is decent & the touch controls for mute và volume are handy. The pop-out keyboard light above the screen angles light down onto the keyboard nicely (and closing the screen closes the light if you"ve forgotten to bởi vì it yourself). The webcam is only 2 megapixel, but that"s good enough lớn scan business cards; HP includes software that guides you through tucking cards into the slot on the front of the case & tilting the screen down lớn detect the card, grab an image & OCR it.

The ports and connectors HP puts in the 2740p are more about staying compatible with previous models; card đồ họa rather than HDMI and Fire
Wire 400 rather than e
SATA - there"s even still a modem port. The Express
Card 34 slot means you can địa chỉ cửa hàng USB 3 if you need it but with all that plus a physical Wi-Fi switch & an SDHC thẻ reader there"s only room for three USB 2 ports, Ethernet & a combined headphone/microphone socket. But the combo Wi-Fi & 3G thẻ also gives you GPS & Bluetooth; the Wi-Fi card & antenna give you an unusually fast connection và sometimes finds Wi-Fi signals other laptops can’t detect. Và there"s a fingerprint reader tucked out of sight on the side of the screen.

Most Windows tablets have an Atom processor, và tablet PCs have usually combined the mediocre performance of low-voltage processors with more bulk than most ultraportables. The chip core i5 in our thử nghiệm machine is hugely faster và copes happily with hefty applications lượt thích Photoshop. While the hãng sản xuất intel GMA HD integrated graphics won"t excite gamers it"s fine for HD đoạn clip and hardware-accelerated website browsing and had no problem driving a 27" external screen. And while you may hear the fan hâm mộ kicking in from time to time, the PC never gets uncomfortably - or even noticeably - hot.

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The downside of a powerful processor is that you don"t get the battery life you might expect. The standard battery gives you a little less than 5 hours of real-world use with Wi-Fi on; that can drop khổng lồ two and a half hours with something demanding like streaming video. You can double that with the additional battery slice, which clips onto the bottom and is helpfully set to lớn use itself up first (so you can take it off and make the tablet lighter). The same docking connector means you can re-use extended batteries and the DVD-ROM multimedia dock from previous Elite
Book tablet models if you have them. Thankfully charging the battery is fast; you get 80% of capacity in an hour.

khổng lồ recap

HP"s TM2 is the consumer equivalent of the 2740p with many of the features (though not the performance) at a lower price. But if you want a tablet PC that performs lượt thích a real notebook but also gives you every kind of input đầu vào you can think of, the Elite
Book 2740p is the professional choice